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PrintSix® Photo Printing Software For Windows
Customer Refunds Policy

Dear Customer:

As clearly stated in several places on our website in the License Agreement, in the Product Return Policy, and in the documentation included with the PrintSix® software, we do not offer refunds on our computer software products and absolutely no refunds on downloadable versions of the PrintSix® software.

Indeed, our License Agreement and Product Return Policy has evolved over the years, and our current “No Refunds” policy is the result of years of program enhancements and countless programming upgrades in order to provide our customers with the best possible photo printing software which balances both functionality and ease-of-use.  We also had to be sure that PrintSix® IN NO WAY could damage, alter, modify, delete, or otherwise change your original picture files as this would open up a panorama of liability issues with customers claiming that our software may have somehow damaged their precious and irreplaceable picture files.

As a reminder, the PrintSix® program does not and cannot access your original source picture files directly.  Instead, PrintSix® works only with renamed copies of your picture files located in your "PrintSix Pictures" working folder.  And you have to manage the contents of the "PrintSix Pictures" working folder using the simple copy and paste commands of Windows itself.  It’s an extra added measure of safety in protecting your original pictures from accidental loss, and a safeguard for us in preventing lawsuits from customers claiming that our software may have somehow damaged their picture files.

To help make renaming copies of your picture files both fast and easy, all versions of PrintSix® include a handy little file renaming utility called “Rename” (CLICK HERE to download the latest version) that automatically installs together with the PrintSix® software.  Please refer to the “File Renaming Utility” instruction sheet that was shipped with your software for more information on how to use the “Rename” program.

And when you think about it, printing multiple images on a single page seems like such a simple idea, but haven’t you ever wondered why no major software company has ever been able to solve the programming problems associated with creating this sort of a Windows-based application?  Quite simply, because there are too many inconsistencies regarding Windows memory usage among the various brands of computers in that there is no guarantee the software will work with all versions of Windows and across all platforms.  And that’s simply because of the large file sizes often associated with digital photos.  We were the first to come up with a solution using a web browser-based application and photography magazines and websites hailed our accomplishments as "brilliant" which further explains why PrintSix® has fast-become the world’s #1 choice for printing digital photos and Editor's Choice of photography magazines and websites worldwide...  Because PrintSix® is easy to use and works on any computer system running any version of Windows and using any web browser.

And unlike any Windows-based application where you must load your pictures one-at-a-time, PrintSix® allows you to load and process up to 36 pictures at a time using simple Windows commands like “group copy” and “group paste.”  You see, when it comes to printing large quantities of digital photos, it’s all about speed.  And that's why PrintSix® is preferred by photography professionals worldwide who routinely take 200+ pictures per day.  With PrintSix®, they can print all 200 pictures; six to a page, on uniform photo album pages for easy comparison in less than an hour.  With PrintSix®, you also enjoy no dragging and dropping, no editing, simplicity of use, and no creating each and every page layout.  And this also explains why PrintSix® is the only photo printing software that does what it does, and in the way it does it.  We use patented and copyrighted technology, which also explains why no other major software manufacturer has been able to come up with a product that allows you to easily create a printed photo album page featuring multiple pictures on a page using pre-formatted page templates.  Our software has also received many favorable product reviews as it indeed provides a whole new capability to the digital photographer that never existed before.

Please also remember that our customers purchase the PrintSix® software based upon the graphic and written representations here on our website and decide that the PrintSix® software would be useful to them.  And indeed, the printed output displayed on our website is exactly like the printed output you will get using your own printer.  In fact, PrintSix® delivers the finest quality printed output available from any photo printing application and further improving on image quality now becomes a function of your printer.  So why would a customer claim dissatisfaction with the PrintSix® software?  We have struggled with this question for many years and our experience has shown there to be several possible reasons…

  1. Customers realize that after installing PrintSix® onto their computer, the "Setup" file is no longer needed to run the program and they seek a refund in attempt to get the software for free.
  1. Customers discover their copy of PrintSix® was “Pre-Registered” at our facility and learn that sharing illegal copies of PrintSix® (and/or their unique installation password) exposes them to criminal liability since we are able to track and trace multiple installations by electronic means.
  1. Customers learn after reading our License Agreement that their copy of the PrintSix® software is “NON-TRANSFERRABLE” and cannot legally be sold, given, or transferred to others.
  1. Customers are unfamiliar with how to use a computer and/or the simple Windows commands “copy” and “paste” as required by PrintSix®.  And while it is not our responsibility to teach our customers how to use Windows, we still try to help these people the best we can by providing our customers with the best possible E-mail, telephone, and online customer support available.  We also offer a free tutorial to help teach our customers how to use the simple Windows commands "copy" and "paste" as required by PrintSix®.  Don't worry... It's easy!  CLICK HERE for a quick lesson on how to use "copy" and "paste."  

So in the event that you have a legitimate question or problem with PrintSix®, please contact our Customer Support Department for help at (954) 922-8040 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (E.S.T.) and we will help you resolve any technical issues you may have.  As a reminder, unlimited telephone customer support is FREE to all registered users.  But please... before contacting us about support issues, be sure to check out our FREE, easy-to-use Customer Support Website at  Chances are, you may find the answer to your question in less than a minute.

And as with all popular software products, software piracy is an issue that all major software companies must address.  And for virtually every commercial software product of any value, there exists a crack, patch, or installation password readily available on the internet to pirate the software.  But not so with PrintSix®!  And this is precisely why PrintSix® is not freely downloadable.  Because if it were, we would be quickly out of business with hundreds, if not thousands of illegal copies being installed on computers worldwide using unregistered and/or unaccounted for installation passwords…  Which brings us to perhaps the most important reason of all that we cannot offer refunds on our PrintSix® software products… Issuing a refund to even a single customer could potentially result in an unregistered copy at large (since the PrintSix® program is freely copyable), thus defeating the only software piracy protection system we have.  That is, with even one unregistered, unaccounted for, (or refunded) PrintSix® software copy finding its way into the hands of the many software pirates located overseas, they would be quick to capitalize on marketing and distributing bootleg copies of the PrintSix® software which could potentially put us out of business.  Accordingly, and like all major software companies, we are committed to standing behind our “No Refunds” policy and respectfully ask that you do not attempt to contact us about product returns and/or customer refunds as your request will be denied as a matter of company policy.  Please also do not attempt to obtain a refund through the PayPal system and/or a charge back to your credit card.  As a respected merchant in good standing with PayPal... Please be advised that PayPal understands our software piracy concerns and will not honor your refund request and a charge back attempt will be denied by your credit card company.

In conclusion, PrintSix® indeed does all that it can be expected to do.  And it does it well… And it introduces the whole idea of expertly printing digital pictures both quickly and affordably to anyone who owns a digital camera despite all the inherent limitations of current digital photography technology and file management systems.  We therefore ask that you take the time to learn how to properly use the PrintSix® software and in the manner that is was intended.  And in no time at all, you too can learn to print your pictures and create beautiful photo album pages in just minutes!  And to all our customers both current and future, we would like to thank you for purchasing PrintSix® with hopes that it will serve you well; both now and for many years to come.


PrintSix Customer Service
support11 (at)


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All credit card orders are processed through our affiliate,  Regardless of which payment method you choose, we will make every effort to process your order just as quickly as possible.  In the event you have a question about your order, you can contact us directly by E-Mail or by telephone at (954) 922-8040.  For questions about using PayPal, please contact PayPal Customer Support at 1-888-221-1161.  Also, all customers are insured of complete privacy in that we will never rent, sell, or share any personal information obtained from our customers in any way.

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